Everything About Entrepreneurial Women and Business Skills Training

Entrepreneurial women have been one of the hottest topics in business circles over the last five years. Publications such as ResearchGate and Forbes almost always report the waves that women are making in the industry. Women are eating into hitherto unknown territory and appearing on lists of the best entrepreneurs all around the globe.

This is good news for every aspiring female entrepreneur. With people to look up to and almost endless possibilities, the future is indeed bright. Moreover, the rise of feminist entrepreneurs offers a support system for female entrepreneurs. Still, that topic requires a whole stand-alone article.

Top Female Entrepreneurs

Key female business entrepreneurs are spread all across the world. From the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Debbie Fields, Susan Wojcicki, and Arianna Huffington in America to Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw in India, Yang Lan in China, and Folorunsho Alakija, the world is full of these ceiling-shattering women.

But, again, any aspiring female entrepreneur should know that their dream matters more than where they are. In numerous publications, these and other businesswomen have inspiring stories to tell. Most of them began their journey in very dim surroundings with no clear path to follow. Yet, dedication and passion were their key motivators.

Business Skills Training

All successful businesswomen will tell you that it has been a learning journey at every turn. They learn from practice, and they attend classes. They were mentored, and they observed and copied others. Acquiring business skills is not something you can escape from if you plan to succeed.

Business Skills that Female Entrepreneurs Need

The blanket skill is management. In addition, however, entrepreneurs need to learn about hiring and firing (recruitment), marketing, leadership, problem-solving, communication, and planning. These skills are learned in both formal and informal training set-ups.

Where Can Entrepreneurial Women Find Business Skills Training?

The internet has become the most fantastic resource for female entrepreneurs. Sites such as womensenterprise.ca have complete packages in training the skills mentioned above. As well, universities like Harvard offer online courses in addition to their physical teaching.

Many successful women also try to uplift fellow entrepreneurs through seminars, webinars, and mentorship programs. And not just women; there are men too who have taken to teaching female entrepreneurs specifically.

The Future of Female Entrepreneurship

This form of business can only rise; more and more women will venture into entrepreneurship. In fact, in Africa, a World Bank report shows that women make up a more significant percentage of the self-employed population (58%) than men. But sadly, they still earn much less (34%).

This is also bound to change in the future. Women will take up more and more huge investments. With philanthropists such as Folorunsho Alakija in the industry, more and more Entrepreneurial women will be uplifted. There is also better access to capital for women today.

The acquisition of business skills training is also on the rise, mainly due to the expansion of the internet. With such access, more and more women will be able to create and grow businesses.

For any woman who ever wanted to become an entrepreneur, there never was a better time than today!