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The Wildflower Seed Kit includes everything you need to grow your network of women and your network of professionals.”

- Gigi Schneppat - Tucson, AZ

The Wildflower Group Seed Kit-We’ve Done the Work For You!

IMG_1312The Wildflower Group Seed Kit is a turnkey, step-by-step, easy to use marketing system that can be used for ANY niche market! Hit the ground running and watch your business blossom with Wildflower Group’s proven marketing system. The kit include the following:

Learn How to Create a Powerful Focus Group:

Focus groups are an effective way to  launch your new niche marketing plan and increase your community visibility.

  • Quickly connect with and create your new niche and connect with your local media to increase your visibility.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for effective discussion and establish buzz for your future events
  • Discussion questionnaire, evaluation form and request for follow up appointments are included.

Create a  Network Referral Partnership That is an Income Stream:

  • A specific system to set up a thriving network of professionals
  • Sample fee structure for inclusion in your network
  • Solicitation letter and interview questions to invite professionals to join your network
  • A written agreement to use with professionals who join your network

Publicity is Always a Challenge- Use our Proven Methods and Have Some Fun!

  • Develop strong media contacts that are advantageous to you and the media contact
  • 20 free press release distribution sites
  • A press release template with 2 sample press releases

    Plan Successful Events to Keep in Touch with Clients and Prospective Clients: 6 “Grow and Flourish” Workshops

  • Class/presentation title,description and outline
  • Should you not want to do conduct the presentations yourself we have many suggestions for potential speakers
  • An evaluation form which includes the request for an appointment with you

26 “BLOSSOM” Newsletters Plan Successful Events to Keep in Touch with Clients and Prospective Clients

These newsletters are all ready to be emailed as often as you’d like to those in your contact database and to your referral network partners.

  • Written and ready to publish content (we’ve done the hard work for you!) which can be personalized for your business
  • Divided into topics of real estate, finances and taking care of yourself
  • Designed to be read in less than two minutes, which is the ideal time frame to encourage someone to read the content

Social networking on the Internet

  • List of top social networking sites

E-mail campaigns to your database(s)

  • A list of  email companies to choose from

Article marketing on the Internet

  • A list of free article syndication resources to increase your internet presence

Wildflower Logos

Search Engine Optimization – 10 Tips

  • Ready to go instructions to start growing your web traffic now

Order The Complete Wildflower Seed Kit for $495.00

Other Marketing Products Available for Purchase


IMG_1310Divorce And Your Home Workshop: $149.00 IMG_1311

  • PowerPoint presentation for a 45-60 minute workshop
  • One copy of “Divorce And Your Home” workbook
  • Press release for the workshop
  • Evaluation form (to encourage participants to schedule an appointment with you)

Buying Your First Home Workshop: $149.00


  • PowerPoint presentation for a 45-60 minute workshop
  • One copy of “Buying Your First Home” workbook
  • Press release for the workshop
  • Evaluation form (to encourage participants to schedule an appointment with you)


30 minute One-on-One Consultation with Joan Rogliano: $65.00

1 hour One-on-One Consultation with Joan Rogliano: $125.00

A nationally recognized niche marketing specialist, Joan can help you identify a niche market to bring the passion and fun back to your business!

30 Minute Webinar on Niche Marketing: $24.95

Past Attendees of Joan’s webinar’s have said:

  • “WOW- this was huge!!”
  • “I truly enjoyed the webinar”
  • “Very Informative”
  • “Just Right”
  • “Fantastic Webinar!”
  • “This is exactly what I need for my business.”
  • “It was terrific! Joan sounded very much on top of her game, very knowledgeable and had a great speaking voice.”
  • “Extremely valuable”

The Power of Niche Marketing to Women in Transition 

Join Wildflower Group for our monthly webinar

The Power of Niche Marketing to Women in Transition.

This introductory webinar is complimentary to those not previously familiar with Wildflower Group or Rogliano Real Estate Group. Our next webinar will be May 15th at 2:00 PM EDT

Register for our next webinar on May 15th 2014

Link to go to webinar registration

From the webinar you can expect to learn:

  • Why niche marketing to women going through transitions of divorce or widowhood is important to growing your business
  • How to start marketing to this growing niche
  • How to gain publicity as an expert in the field of women in transition
  • How to increase your referral rates by marketing to this niche

Planning Succesful Events For Relationship Building

A calendar of events is always a terrific way to keep in touch with clients and meet prospective new clients. Informative and entertaining speakers create a buzz that the quality of your events is top notch and word will spread that they are not to be missed. Join us for specific tips on creating an easy to use system that assures your success with just a little time invested.

PR and Media: How to write a Press Release and Connect with the Media 

Approaching the media seems to be a consistent and intimidating challenge, at least that is what we’re being told by professionals. Media exposure is a sure fire way to increase your visibility as the go to professional in your community, but where do you start. We’ll discuss a step by step process to garner media attention and create a winning relationship between you and the media!

Building a Successful Referral Network Partnership Program

Tired of making referrals and not receiving anything back? We all make referrals to other professionals and most of us long for a network that offers a little more to our business. Our approach to a successful referral network partnership is a bit different because everyone contributes, and it is based on relationship building with you at the helm. Join in this lively and informative discussion to increase your referral record.

Using Focus Groups to Launch Your Marketing Plan

Once you’ve found your niche market group how do you let them know you’re specializing and there to help? A successful focus group is just the vehicle to gather information and to start giving. When thoughtfully presented, a focus group will create a discussion that is rich with ideas of what this niche needs, and also provide an opportunity to share your vision of how to best lend a hand. Use our clear cut ideas presented in this webinar and you’ll be on your way!

Would you like to offer a free teleclass or webinar to your members or clients?

For qualified groups (minimum 5 participants), Joan Rogliano is pleased to present a complimentary 60-minute teleclass or webinar on niche marketing.  As a Denver-area real estate agent, Joan has used niche marketing for more than 25 years to grow and sustain her business, even through the toughest economic times.  How has she done it? By building a strong referral network and by tapping into the fastest growing segment of any business – women!

Joan’s teleclasses and webinars are available for the following industries:

  • Divorce Coaches
  • Family Law
  • Financial Planning
  • Mediators
  • Mortgages/Lending
  • Real Estate

These teleclasses are ideal for:

  • Professional organizations
  • National associations
  • State chapters of national associations
  • Training academies and schools
For further information on whether the Wildflower Seed Kit, or any of the products listed above, are right for you please contact Joan at joan@ We will schedule a free personal consultation. 

For more information, please call (303) 667-5485, e-mail


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