Wildflower Seed Kit

“The Wildflower Seed Kit includes everything you need to grow your network of women and your network of professionals.” – Gigi Schneppat – Tucson, AZ

The Wildflower Group Seed Kit — We’ve Done the Work For You!Wild Flower Group - 4

The Wildflower Group Seed Kit is a turnkey, step-by-step, easy to use marketing system that can be used for ANY niche market! Hit the ground running and watch your business blossom with Wildflower Group’s proven marketing system. The kit includes the following:

Learn How to Connect With Prospects:

Focus groups are an effective way to  launch your new niche marketing plan and increase your community visibility.

  • Quickly connect with and create your new niche and connect with your local media to increase your visibility.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for effective discussion and establish buzz for your future events

Kit includes:

  • Discussion questionnaire, evaluation form and request for follow-up appointments

Create a  Network Referral Partnership That Is An Income Stream:

  • A specific system to set up a thriving network of professionals

Kit includes:

  • Solicitation letter and interview questions to invite professionals to join your network
  • A written agreement to use with professionals who join your network

Publicity is Always a Challenge -Use our Proven Methods and Have Some Fun!

  • Develop strong media contacts that are advantageous to you and the media contact

Kit includes:

  • 20 free press release distribution sites
  • A press release template with 2 sample press releases

Plan Successful Events to Keep in Touch with Clients and Prospective Clients: 6 “Grow and Flourish”

Kit includes:

  • Class/presentation title, description and outline
  • A varied list of potential speakers
  • An evaluation form which includes the request for an appointment with you

26 “BLOSSOM” Newsletters

These newsletters are ready to be emailed to those in your contact database and to your referral network partners.

  • Written and ready to publish content (we’ve done the hard work for you!) which can be personalized for your business
  • Divided into topics of real estate, finances and taking care of yourself
  • Designed to be read in less than two minutes, which is the ideal time frame to encourage someone to read the content

Also Included:

  • Social networking on the Internet
  • E-mail campaigns to your database(s)
  • Article marketing on the Internet
  • Wildflower Logos
  • Search Engine Optimization – 10 Tips


Order The Complete Wildflower Seed Kit for $495.00 Here

There is a $149.00 annual renewal fee.

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