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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I found this website because I am currently going through a divorce/separation and I need help from a divorce professional.  Does Joan have any resources/advice for me?

A: Yes!  As a nationally recognized Real Estate Divorce Specialist with many years of experience, Joan has gathered many resources to be of assistance to those navigating this transition.  Now that we have a growing international network we an provide many resources, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of service.

Q: What type of marketing system is Wildflower Group?

A: WFG is a unique turn key system that is designed to grow your business through building relationships.  The tools are fun, easy to use and applicable no matter your profession.

Q: Why does Wildflower Group focus on the Divorce and Widowhood Niches?

A:  Joan focuses on this under served niche because of the need for trusted resources when experiencing these transitions.  Many years ago Joan went through a divorce when many of her clients were also divorcing.  She found that many people were receiving misinformation about their options, particularly regarding the marital home, and Joan wanted to help educate families that there were indeed choices and trusted professionals available to guide them in these choices.

Q:Is Wildflower Group’s niche marketing system just as effective for men as it is for women?

A: Absolutely!  We have many men who are part of the network referral partnership and they bring a great energy to the process.  We believe it is about finding like minded professionals to be effective, regardless of gender.

Q:  I am interested in attending a webinar and/or teleclass but I cannot do the scheduled date or I do not see a date listed.  What are my options?

A: We frequently schedule new webinars.  If you do not see a date that meets your needs please email your interest and we’ll contact you as soon as a new date is in the books!

Q: I am having difficulty purchasing a product in the Wildflower Store, what should I do?

A: We’re sorry you are having difficulty!  We are happy to assist with whatever problem you may have.  Call or email Joan at 303. 667. 5485 or and she will be happy to help you!


Q: Does Wildflower Group’s approach work for only financial or real estate professionals?

A:The principals in our system were used by Joan to grow her real estate business and then modified to be used in any profession.  They are generic and, if used in the step by step process that is clearly explained, should help Jump start your marketing efforts and increase your visibility as a trusted professional in your local market.  We hear that people are having a lot of fun with the system and feel rewarded both professionally and personally!

Q: I live in another state/country, is Wildflower Group available to me?

A: Yes!  We have worked with people from all of the country and the world with great success.

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