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“Joan makes my heart smile. I always look forward to an opportunity to listen to her speak as I often learn a new perspective. I am grateful for her wisdom and her authentic desire to help me succeed.” — A Wildflower


Joan Rogliano is a real estate expert and a divorce specialist, helping women navigate through the transitions of divorce and widowhood. Hi! I’m Joan Rogliano. I have spent 28 years selling residential real estate in the Denver metro area, and a few years ago, I created a truly unique and effective marketing strategy: referral networks based on guiding women through the transitions of divorce and widowhood.

I understood the pain of divorce and loss, the fear of financial insecurity, and the concerns all mothers have about their children’s future. Over and over again, I found myself educating women about the choices they had regarding their homes and financial goals.

This prompted me to set up a focus group for women in transition and, with their input, create workshops, classes, and network gatherings in the Denver-metro area.  Then came the realization that we needed a trusted team of professionals, (such as lenders, financial planners, and attorneys) who could also help guide women through these challenging periods.

This small  informal focus group became the Wildflower Group. With continued expansion and community visibility, it was an empowering force for women. It was so powerful,  that in 2010 we created a non-profit foundation, Wildflower Women’s Organization, to expand our work.

In no time, I’d established myself as an expert in the areas of women, divorce, and real estate. Today, I’m a real estate divorce specialist and nice marketing expert. My networks have grown exponentially – both the network of women who needed real estate services, and the network of other professionals to collaborate with. Our goal is to create a national network  for Wildflower Group, and we are already operating in Texas, Arizona and throughout the Front-Range area in Colorado.

Today, I rely almost exclusively on these networks to grow my business, and I invite you to do the same.

You can contact me at or by phone (303)667-5485.

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  1. Jill sulahian says:

    Joan, I saw your interview on NBC news Sunday morning here in New York. It couldn’t of come at a better time! I am going through a divorce right now after 20 years of marriage. My ex left me and my daughter with a disability homeless. I am trying to get housing for us. My daughter is in college but when she comes home she is sleeping on a pullout sofa at a friends. I was wondering if you’re going to be in the new York city/long island area any time soon. I would live to hear you speak.

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